The Value Of Time

A businessman had amassed a fortune that amounted to three million dollars. He decided that he would take a year off from work and live in the kind of luxury that his wealth allowed him. But no sooner had he made this decision than the Angel of Death beckoned him.

The man, who was a skillful negotiator, tried every argument he could think of to dissuade the Angel and to buy himself more time. But the Angel of Death was adamant; the man’s time had come. In final desperation, the rich man-made the Angel an offer. »Give me three more days of life and I will give you a third of my wealth, a million dollars.«

The Angel refused. »Give me two more days of life and I will give you two-thirds of my wealth, two million dollars.« The Angel again refused. »Give me one more day of life, to enjoy this beautiful and bountiful planet, and to spend a little time with my family who I have neglected for too long, and I will give you all of my wealth. Three million dollars.«

But the Angel could not be persuaded. Finally, the man asked if the Angel would just grant him a little time to write a short paragraph. And this wish was granted. Make good use of your time on earth, he wrote. I could not buy even one hour of life for three million dollars. Be sure to know in your heart what things in your life are of true value, and place your attention there.

Source: The Magic of Metaphor: 77 Stories for Teachers, Trainers & Thinkers by: Nick Owen, 2001


Lessons from this story:

  • We focus too much on what we want, “need” and don’t have, and not enough on what really makes us happy. Because of this we neglect the people who make us happy and feel alive.
  • We can and we should always find at least just a little bit time for our loved ones.
  • With money you can buy a lot of stuff, buy you can never buy the moments you never had with your loved ones, because you were too busy.
  • Do not work more hours to earn more money. Learn to work the same amount of hours or less for more money. By learning constantly this is possible.

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