All talk and no action

Once upon a time, the only thing that stood between complete happiness in a house full of mice was a big and mean old cat.

So one night the mice got together and decided to do some brainstorming. They asked “How can we deal with the danger of the cat?” They voted on one brilliant idea that was proposed. They voted to hang a bell around the cat’s neck. Wherever the cat would go, the bell would warn them of danger if the cat got too close.

Each of the mice jumped and clapped in approval of the brilliant idea. That was until one mouse asked, “Now who is going to hang the bell around the cats neck?” What followed was complete silence.


Lessons from this story:

  • We have all found ourselves in at least one situation where everyone was really interested about an idea, but when it came to actually doing it nobody wanted to put in work.
  • Do not approve or support and idea you are not personally willing to work on.
  • When talking with your team about future plans and actions always determine who is responsible for what.

Are there any lessons I missed from this story? Please let me know in the comment section.

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