The seven wonders of the world most people forget about

Anna was a 9-year-old girl from a small village where she had just finished attending 4th grade of elementary school. To get into the 5th grade and onwards, she needed to get an admission into a school in a city nearby. When she got accepted to a very reputable school in a nearby city she was very exited and thrilled. This is where our story begins.

Today was the first day of school for our little Anna, and she was very excited. When Anna came to her class everybody saw from her simple clothing that she was from a small village and started making fun of her. But Anna did not take much notice and very soon the teacher arrived and asked everyone to keep quiet.  She introduced Anna to the class and told everyone that she will be studying with them from this day on.

Then the teacher announced a surprise test. She told everyone to write down the 7 wonders of the world. Everyone started writing the answer quickly while Anna wrote her answer slowly. When everyone except Anna had submitted their papers, the teacher came and asked Anna, “What happened Dear? Don’t worry, just write what you know as other students have learned about it just a couple of days back.”

Anna replied, “I was thinking that there are so many things that I don’t know which seven should I pick!” Then she wrote down her answer and handed her paper to the teacher.  The teacher started reading everyone’s answers and the majority had answered correctly – The Great Wall of China, Colosseum, Stonehenge,  Great Pyramid of Giza, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Tajmahal, Hanging Gardens of Babylon etc. The teacher was very happy that her students had remembered what she had taught them.  At last the teacher picked up Anna’s paper and started reading.

“The 7 Wonders are – to be able to See, to be able to Hear, To be able to Feel, to Laugh, to Think, to be Kind, and to Love!”

The teacher stood stunned and suddenly the whole class was speechless. Today was the day that a girl from a small village reminded them about the most precious gifts they will ever get.


Lessons from this story:

  • We take for granted what makes our life wonderful, that is until we lose that which we take for granted.
  • Sometimes we just need a reminder what matters to us the most.

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