Lessons of a lost horse

One day a horse with no identifying marks wandered into a farmyard. The farmer’s young son said he’d take responsibility for returning the horse to its owner. The boy mounted the horse, urged it towards the road and let it choose its own direction.

The boy actively intervened only when the horse stopped to graze or wandered off the lanes and into a field. Otherwise, he just sat on the horse. When the horse finally ambled into a farm several miles away, the owner of the horse said, “How did you know to bring it here? Hey, how did you even know it was our horse?”

The boy said, “I didn’t know. The horse knew. All I did was keep him on the road.”

Source: More Magic of Metaphor: Stories for leaders, Influencers and Motivators by: Nick Owen, 2004

Lessons from this story:

  • Even if you are not sure where you want to go or what you want to do in life be sure that deep down inside of you you know.
  • No matter how determined and how focused you are to reach your goals there will be times when you will need someone to give you a little nudge into the right direction.
  • Be there for people who feel lost and help them to keep moving. They know what they need to do, they just need motivation to keep going.

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