How to make your dream come true

Long ago there lived a Sower of Dreams.  He roamed over mountains and valleys, deserts and seas, planting in the hearts of men and women across the earth. One day, as he plodded along, dreams fell from his satchel to the ground. Some of these Dreams fell among peasants, some among kings, some among women, some among men.

As the Dreams fell, some of the recipients/dreamers lifted their heads and smiled and decided to pursue their dream. But their heads soon clouded with doubts. Who were they to even think they could achieve such lofty desires? So they abandoned their dream and went on with their lives as before.

Others decided to take care of their dream with love and care and peace and understanding. The Dream felling warm and love, found a home and started to grow. During “adolescence” dreams demanded time, attention, diligence and constant care to grow more. And at that point the Other dreamers gave up saying it isn’t fun anymore and that it is too hard. So neglected and later abandoned entirely, these dreams withered and died.

Other Dreams found better footing. They fell upon happy faces and smiling eyes and naively imagined they’d live to their full fruition and bear glorious fruit.  But Grumblers who’d squelched their own dreams and lived empty, heartless and even bitter lives attacked the Dreamers which continued to grow their Dreams by mocking them. For a time the Dreamers held strong, but felt their hearts fill with doubt. Later, when nobody looked, the Dreamers wandered along the road and quietly dropped their dreams, unnoticed, to the gutter.

But far away beyond the mountains, in a secluded valley, Dreamers embraced their Dreams and nurtured them with patience, and care. Dreams flourishing into orchards that bore fruit sweeter than any had ever tasted. And though the Dreamers shared their fruit freely, they alone kept them year after year. Merchants, travelers and others who entered the valley could only briefly taste the ripened fruit. Even when learning of these fruit they were too lazy to nurse their own Dreams to perfection.


Lessons from this story:

  • Use the time and the experiences you go through on your path to your dreams as a journey.
  • Value what you have, but never be afraid to chase your dreams.

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  1. I love the way that you intertwine stories and lessons together! Love your site. This reminds of ‘The Alchemist’ if know that one.

    1. Hey Matt. Thank you for the comment. I’m glad you like the site and that you find it useful. Yes I know “The Alchemist”, I have listend to the audio version, but still want to read the book. If you have any suggestions just about the site just let me know.

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