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Most books I read are about entrepreneurship, marketing, leadership, presenting, persuasion and sales. For most of the posts posted on this blog it will take you 5 – 10 minutes to read them and at the end you will know if you want to spend a couple of your hours on the whole book or not. In every book review at first I will share a couple of thoughts about the subject of the book, followed by my notes and finishing the post with my opinion about the book. If you also want to share your book reviews and notes about books you read, you are welcome to do so. Just let me know by email at purposefocuscommitment@gmail.com.


The art of storytelling is an ancient art of passing knowledge to others. We listened to stories as children and we continue to do so in our whole lifetime. The way we listen and watch stories of course changes from books, to theater shows, to movies and so on. But do not be mistaken, everything and everyone has his or her own story. With stories we learn, we expand our imagination and we pass on knowledge. I hope you will find stories and fables posted on this page helpful. You are more than welcome to share any story or fable you can remember or you know that is not already posted. Just let me know by email at purposefocuscommitment@gmail.com.


There is always room to upgrade, to deliver more, to get better, and that is the main point of this page. Getting better with each day, and knowing that everything is a process that takes its own time. So keep coming back and be on the look out about what’s new. If you have any suggestions let me know by email at purposefocuscommitment@gmail.com.

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